Zebra Technologies Provides Innovative Solutions for Retailers

Zebra Technologies and the Australian Retail Association (ARA) have joined forces in a collaborative partnership to share information and promote innovation in retail.

As a global provider of next-generation retail, supply chain, logistics and mobile solutions, Zebra is excited about the opportunity to make its expertise in Enterprise Asset Intelligence solutions available to ARA members.

With the retail solutions offered by Zebra Technologies, ARA members will have access to industry knowledge, consumer insights and retail mobile technology solutions, providing them with real-time visibility into their operations. This kind of visibility helps retailers exceed customer expectations, maximise omnichannel capabilities, while  boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability, so the increase in sales goes from incremental to exponential.

Wayne Harper, Zebra’s CTO & Senior Technology Director, Asia-Pacific, said retailing represents the next frontier for decision-making that is based on real-time data management and flexible requisition practices.

“Retailers are constantly facing logistical challenges, cost constraints and operational inefficiencies,  and competition from online shopping has radically altered the modern retail marketplace. But with the right set of tools, it’s possible to develop a more sophisticated model of a better shopping environment for consumers – and more profitable businesses – can be created.”

By deploying next generation innovative technology, retailers can:

Increase Efficiency In Every Corner

  • Increase sales with an advanced, fast, POS solution
  • Enhance merchandising & inventory management with real-time visibility
  • Create a real-time distribution centre

Elevate The Customer Experience

  • Improve customer service, helping them make a buying decision
  • Reward customers and improve business with printing solutions that deliver instant loyalty, membership & gift cards
  • Simplifying the process for couponing & gift registry

Non-stop Optimisation For Any Operation

  • Ensure retail staff and managers are always connected
  • Ensure the most out of device and asset management solutions
  • Ensure an efficient asset management solution with improved monitoring and diagnoses
  • Provide efficient fleet management solutions.

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Retail Voice CEO Message: 29 March 2023

With the New South Wales state election complete, we now have a Labor government in place in every state except Tasmania and an 18 month window without any elections occurring.  
This provides a period where we may see significant reform and potentially for national alignment in key policy areas across Australia.  

The rich tapestry of neurodiversity

There is a slow shift towards incorporating design aspects that create more inclusive shopping experiences for customers of all neurotypes. Retailers willing to explore this hidden customer segment can deliver a more easy, engaging and inclusive experience both in-store and online.

Retail Voice CEO Message: 15 March 2023

Retail crime continues to be a concern with many businesses recording an increase in shoplifting. 
In the latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research data coming out of New South Wales, retail theft increased 23.7% year-on-year.