Retail Ready and Able


The Retail Ready and Able program is designed to support the people you care for to become empowered and motivated.  Areas where we aim to assist include: 

  • Improving jobseekers’ social networks to gain some financial independence to fund a few of life’s comforts;
  • To help jobseekers gain confidence and opportunities to be paid to help people, solve problems and showcase their abilities;
  • For jobseekers to receive specific training in retail to learn new skills and gain knowledge with opportunities into meaningful employment.
Please discuss the program with the person you care for, and if you agree it would be a good path to proceed please register your interest. We will then be in touch with further information about the pathways and training opportunities available.


Register your business here and we will contact you with more information on how you can participate. .

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Tips for Carers, Family and Supporters

Create routines around:

  • wake up and leave home alarms so timing is adhered to in order to get to work on time;
  • transport schedules;
  • personal care;
  • social activities;
  • adequate rest and sleep;
  • exercise and nutrition;
  • therapies and medical needs;
  • retail and other centres that are disability friendly;
  • meals and food preparation;

Create budgets to:

  • purchase wash and wear clothing;
  • footwear that is podiatrist/chiropractor designed;
  • purchase pre prepared nutritious portion sized meals;
  • ensure jobseeker has sufficient phone/data credits;
  • ensure jobseeker has sufficient funds to cover all transport for work costs;

Talk to your jobseekers Employment Service Provider or NDIS Co-ordinator to:

  • arrange for funding for work appropriate clothing and shoes, if applicable;
  • arrange for transport funding support,  if applicable;
    – help you determine where to go and what funding and support services are available in your City
    – support available for carers and family support people in caring for the jobseeker with a disability

Create together:

  • A list of your jobseekers skills and talents;
  • A list of your jobseekers preferred employers with jobs;
  • career goals;
  • regular contact with the jobseekers Employment Consultant to ensure job seeking goals are on track;

Have you heard of Cérge?

Technology is providing new ways to help people with disabilities feel welcome and safe during new shopping experiences. Cérge is an APP available to download to an individual’s phone. Messages can be sent directly to a store in advance to let them know how they can better assist their customers with special needs.  If shops don’t already offer this service, make enquiries to see if it can be set up.  

This project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government through its Workforce Connect Fund.