The ARA believes that human activity is responsible for climate change and that the global community needs to take urgent and decisive action now to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The retail sector is uniquely placed to make a meaningful contribution to Australia’s transition to the low-carbon economy of the future, while also supporting the shift towards more sustainable consumption and working with suppliers to improve environmental and social impacts along the supply chain.


Our Climate Action Plan


Having navigated the global pandemic, Australian retail is now moving on to tackle the next big global disruption - climate change. The science is clear and so is the case of change.

Retail has a great foundation to build on, with many of our members already taking steps to address climate change as we transition to the low-carbon economy of the future. No business or sector will achieve this goal in isolation though, which is why we have developed our Climate Action Plan, outlining the steps we’ll take to help our sector achieve net-zero emissions.



The ARA’s Climate Action Plan aims to:

  1. Unify our sector behind a common vision for change

  2. Outline the strategic roadmap to net-zero emissions for the Australian retail sector

  3. Support retailers in setting, meeting and exceeding their own ambitious targets

  4. Support the retail sector transition to the low-carbon economy of the future

  5. Collaborate with other sectors for a holistic approach and collective impact to reducing emissions

Net-Zero Roadmap

A practical guide about the suggested decisions, investments and actions that retailers can make to accelerate their transition to net-zero emissions.


Race to Zero

The ARA is proud to have joined the UN-backed Race to Zero pledge as the local accelerator for the Australian retail sector.


Single-use plastics resources

Each state and territory government has outlined their own approach and timelines to achieve the nationally-agreed 2025 targets for waste and packaging. Here we detail the key changes for each jurisdiction.


Climate Action - OnDemand Webinar

Listen to ARA CEO Paul Zahra and Officeworks Managing Director Sarah Hunter in conversation about the role of leadership in climate change, followed by a discussion with some of Australia’s thought leaders about the transition to net-zero emissions.


Net-Zero Resources

Over the past fifteen years sustainability has progressed from a buzzword hovering on the fringes of society, to an integral part of the public consciousness. ARA Strategic Partner Salesforce explains why reaching net-zero emissions is one of the biggest imperatives in business. 


Myer praised for first step towards living wages by Oxfam Australia

Iconic Australian department store Myer has taken its first step to ensure garment workers who make clothes for Miss Shop and Basque get paid a living wage.


Australia's first national recycling scheme for household batteries launches

A national recycling scheme is now in action to make it easier for Australians to dispose of their old batteries in a safe way.


Officeworks investing to accelerate transition to the circular economy

ARA member Officeworks has taken significant stake in Brisbane-based social enterprise, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale, with plans tol aunch their furniture collections and repairs concept around Australia.


Coles tops rankings on Food and Agriculture Benchmark

ARA member Coles has ranked as the most sustainable food retailer in Australia in the inaugural Food and Agriculture Benchmark Report, which ranked 350 companies around the world on their contribution to transforming our global food system.


Officeworks, Kmart and Target on the Race to Zero 

With more consumers choosing brands based on their commitment to sustainability, the UN-backed Race to Zero provides ARA members with a framework to talk about and achieve their net-zero ambitions.


Woolworths backs next-gen plan to replace virgin plastics

Woolworths Group is backing an Australian enviro-tech startup to create next generation petroleum-based plastics that are infinitely recyclable, reducing the need to create plastic from virgin materials.


Australia Post welcomes the first of 20 electric trucks

ARA member Australia Post has started its switch towards carbon-neutral deliveries with the first of 20 electric trucks to start delivering parcels to customers in Sydney and Melbourne in the lead-up to Christmas 2021.



Member commitments to Net-Zero

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