Christmas Special: Christmas and beyond

Today we welcome Craig Woolford, Senior Research Analyst at MST Marquee to the podcast. Craig’s 20 years of experience in analysing the retail, food and beverage industries has resulted in becoming an incredibly trusted resource among institutional investors, media and industry journals alike. We’re excited to chat with Craig about what the retail industry can expect this Christmas trading period and beyond to 2023.

With his wealth of experience, Craig shares the most current insights and tips for retailers, providing his critical opinion on how to ride the record spending predicted this Christmas trading period through to next year. Plus he shares opportunities for retailers to combat the slowdown in growth predicted to happen at some point during 2023.

In this episode we cover:

  • The latest data and impact on company profits
  • November trade results, stats and trends
  • Where consumers money is being spent
  • Comparison in Christmas trade in 2021 v 2022
  • Why he’s confident consumers will spend big this Christmas
  • Ideas to counteract lower sales in 2023

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