Christmas Special: ‘Tis the season to shop early

Season’s Greetings! We’re pleased to welcome Gary Starr, Executive General Manager, Customer & Commercial, Australia Post to the ARA Retail Therapy podcast this week.

Australia Post plays an integral role in supporting retailers through this busy trading period and in this bonus episode, Gary gives us an overview of the state-of-play for the postal service this Christmas.

This episode covers:

  • Predictions for e-commerce volumes this year
  • The impact of severe labour shortages across the country
  • Lessons learned from the Covid years
  • Key cutoff delivery dates retailers and consumers need to be aware of
  • The impact of technology on our supply chain and customer experience

Christmas Special: Christmas and beyond

Today we welcome Craig Woolford, Senior Research Analyst at MST Marquee whose 20 years of experience in analysing the retail, food and beverage industries has resulted in becoming an incredibly trusted resource among institutional investors, media and industry journals alike.

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