Episode 10: Andrew Butt & Shobhit Shukla

In this episode of Retail Therapy, ARA CEO Paul Zahra welcomes two successful entrepreneurs, Andrew Butt and Shobhit Shukla to the podcast studio. They discuss their respective businesses, Enable and Near, and their growing impact on the global retail industry.

This episode explores how technology addresses supply chain challenges and provides essential locational data to retailers.

Tune in to hear Paul, Andrew and Shobhit discuss:

  • Understanding the value of data-driven decision-making
  • The improvement of operations through innovative solutions
  • Influence of the ‘Deal Economy’ on retail
  • The impact of the pandemic on businesses
  • Opportunities for startups in the retail ecosystem
  • Important marketing data points
  • The role of data analytics in the omnichannel customer journey
  • Privacy concerns and data privacy in the retail industry

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