Christmas & Holiday Special: Behind the Barbie boom with Stephen Younane

Welcome to the fifth and final special Christmas bonus episode of Retail Therapy for the year.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, retailers are gearing up for the annual Christmas shopping frenzy. However, this year brings a heightened sense of uncertainty to the industry, as Australians grapple with the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis, while retailers themselves contend with the burdens of the cost-of-doing-business crisis.

Joining us for some Retail Therapy is Stephen Younane, Co-founder and CEO at Retail Prodigy Group, the direct-to-consumer partner for Nike, Samsung and Mattel.

This episode explores:

  • A read on the mood of retailers heading into Christmas this year
  • Insights into Retail Prodigy Group’s partnership with Mattel
  • How the Barbie brand has innovated and evolved while remaining nostalgic
  • The role of e-commerce in Retail Prodigy Group’s Christmas sales strategy
  • The importance of Black Friday for Australian retailers and it’s growth each year
  • Supply chain concerns and learnings