Christmas & Holiday Special: Understanding your customer with Prof Gary Mortimer

Welcome to another special Christmas episode of Retail Therapy.
Christmas is right around the corner, marking the peak season for the retail industry. This upcoming festive trading period holds immense significance for retailers, especially those in the discretionary sector, as they typically generate up to two-thirds of their annual profits during this period.
Joining us for some Retail Therapy is Professor Gary Mortimer, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at QUT Business School.
Prior to joining QUT, Professor Mortimer spent over 25 years working with some of Australia’s largest general merchandise and food retailers.
This episode covers:
  • Understanding value and how consumers will be shopping this year
  • How to stand out amongst your competitors
  • How retailers can tap into the mindset of budget-conscious shoppers and create a compelling shopping experience
  • Consumer psychological insights that retailers should keep in mind this Christmas
  • When Gary expects most consumers will do their Christmas shopping
  • Which products will be in hot demand this holiday season