Christmas & Holiday Special: Spending insights and consumer trends with Fleur Brown

‘Tis the season to be shopping, and the retail world will soon be buzzing with festive delight. In this episode, we’re diving deep into the heart of the retail sector’s busiest time of year.

As the festive season draws near, join host Paul Zahra in a spirited conversation with Fleur Brown, Chief Industry Affairs Officer at the ARA.

Together, they unwrap the season’s retail forecast, exploring the expected $66.8 billion pre-Christmas spending and how it compares to the previous year.

Discover the impact of rising interest rates on holiday budgets and dive into the minds of value-driven consumers seeking quality and ethics in their purchases. Don’t miss their insights on the significance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in completing holiday shopping lists.

The debate between online shopping and the in-store experience also takes centre stage, offering a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving retail landscape. For retailers gearing up for the holiday season, this episode offers essential advice on crafting successful Christmas campaigns and nurturing lasting customer relationships.

Join us for an illuminating conversation that will have you well-prepared for the upcoming holiday shopping season.