Episode 5: Lord Mayor Sally Capp

Galloping to the extraordinary

This week we take a slight change of pace from our previous podcast episodes where we’ve been speaking to retail business leaders. As the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp and her team play an important role in supporting business growth in the Melbourne CBD and helping retailers navigate the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Lord Mayor Sally Capp has had some interesting roles in the past, including Agent-General for Victoria in the UK, Europe and Israel. ‘What’s that job?’ you may ask… Sally explains during the interview.  

Paul and Sally Capp discuss:  

  • The big C word… COVID 

  • Finding a new rhythm for CBD working  

  • Creating a city of possibility  

  • Growing up in a family small business 

  • Jumping at new opportunities  

  • Shaping the future of communities and the economy 

  • Local government beyond roads, rates and rubbish  

  • Navigating the male-dominated corporate world  

  • The value of diversity, equality and inclusion  

  • Having a risk appetite  

  • With risk comes the best learning 

Season 1: Trailer

Welcome to Retail Therapy – a podcast proudly brought to you by American Express. Each episode we’ll be chatting to a leader in Australia’s retail industry, including the CEOs of some of Australia’s biggest retailers. We’ll be finding out what makes them tick… What defines their leadership style… And how they got to the top of their game.

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Episode 1: Nicole Sheffield

What do canoes, boxes of wine and air-fryers all have in common? They are just some of the items Australia Post delivered, or sold, to Australians during lockdown. This first episode of Retail Therapy features a fantastic conversation with Nicole Sheffield, Executive General Manager, Community and Consumer at Australia Post.

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Episode 2: Sarah Hunter

In this episode of Retail Therapy, we speak with Sarah Hunter, the Managing Director of Officeworks – the go-to retailer for so many of us when it comes to office supplies, tech equipment and for families when it’s time for back to school.

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