Episode 6: Anyier Yuol

Our next guest, Anyier Yuol, is not only an entrepreneur but also a catalyst for social change. With a strong commitment to making a difference, Anyier is the visionary behind Miss Sahara, an initiative for Lead Beyond Education (LBE) charity, as well as the founder and CEO of Anyier Model Management. Her advocacy spans a multitude of causes, including women’s and girls’ rights, refugee and gender equality, sport for development, and amplifying the representation of minority groups within Australia’s sports, beauty, and fashion sectors.

Through her unwavering dedication, Anyier has carved out a platform where young voices can resonate for impactful change. Notably, her remarkable efforts garnered recognition, culminating in the prestigious 2023 Australia for UNHCR – SBS Les Murray Award for Refugee Recognition, celebrating her diverse achievements across sports, women’s empowerment, and refugee advocacy.

In this episode, we delve into:

  • Anyier’s journey as a South Sudanese refugee
  • Insightful perspectives on diversity and inclusion stemming from her refugee experience
  • Identifying critical needs for refugees in their new homeland
  • Advocacy initiatives focusing on diversity and refugee rights
  • Unpacking the pivotal role of the retail sector in fostering inclusivity as the largest private employer
  • Navigating genuine communication of diversity commitments
  • Addressing diversity barriers within the fashion industry and strategies for fostering inclusivity

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