Episode 8: Manisha Amin

In this episode of Retail Therapy, we hear from Manisha Amin (she/her), CEO of the Centre for Inclusive Design. Manisha’s dedication to innovation and social change has made her a pivotal figure in the realm of inclusivity. With expertise in strategic marketing, communication, and cultural transformation, Manisha illuminates the path toward creating products, services, and policies that truly embrace inclusivity. A thought leader renowned for her ability to think from the edge, Manisha brings a wealth of insights to this episode.

Throughout this episode, we delve into:

  • Definition and context of inclusive design
  • Manisha’s journey to championing inclusive design
  • Examples of retail excelling, and the areas needing improvement
  • Addressing inequalities in society
  • Retail Initiatives for neurodivergent customers
  • Advice for retail leaders on inclusivity
  • Strategies for small businesses on inclusivity

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