Episode 7: Mariam Veiszadeh

In this episode of Retail Therapy, we are honoured to welcome Mariam Veiszadeh (she/her), CEO of Media Diversity Australia. A trailblazing figure in human rights advocacy, law, authorship, and media commentary, Mariam has left an indelible mark in the fight against racism and xenophobia. Renowned for founding the Islamophobia Register Australia, Mariam’s endeavours have earned her recognition, including the esteemed Fairfax Daily Life 2016 Woman of the Year accolade, for her profound impact on fostering positive change in workplaces and society.

Join us as we explore Mariam’s remarkable journey and insights into DE&I.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Mariam’s journey from law to becoming a leading anti-racism campaigner
  • Personal experiences with racism and Islamophobia as catalysts for advocacy
  • Founding the Islamophobia Register Australia and earning accolades for fostering positive change
  • Leveraging skills and platforms to combat systemic discrimination
  • Intersectionality of identity and its impact on advocacy
  • Inspiring listeners to confront injustice and drive positive change

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