Episode 7: Mark Ronan

Welcome to another episode of Retail Therapy, where we delve into the heartbeat of the retail industry. In this episode, we are thrilled to have a distinguished guest with us – Mark Ronan, the visionary CEO of Adairs. With over 15 years of diverse leadership experience within Adairs, Mark’s journey is a testament to his profound understanding of the retail landscape.

This episode with Mark and ARA CEO Paul Zahra covers:

  • Mark’s leadership journey at Adairs
  • The Adairs growth phenomenon
  • Mark’s evolution as a leader over the years and affinity for the retail industry
  • Guiding leadership principles, including the importance of adaptive leadership
  • Putting innovation into focus

We extend our gratitude to Mark Ronan for sharing his insights and experiences with us. Thank you for tuning in to this captivating episode of Retail Therapy.

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