Episode 9: Elisha Hopkinson

Get ready for an exciting episode of Retail Therapy where we dive deep into the world of fashion, leadership, innovation, and sustainability with our special guest, Elisha Hopkinson, CEO of APG & Co.

Elisha has been an instrumental part of APG & Co for more than a decade and has worked in the fashion industry both in Australia and internationally for over two decades.

For over 50 years, APG & Co has curated a collection of Australia’s most beloved fashion brands including Sportscraft, SABA and JAG.

Key highlights from the episode:

  • How to stand out in the fiercely competitive fashion sector
  • Embracing change and transformation for success
  • The future of APG & Co’s brand portfolio
  • Elisha’s inspiring journey in the fashion industry
  • Overcoming self-doubt on the path to becoming a CEO
  • Elisha’s invaluable advice for aspiring leaders

Don’t miss out on this engaging episode! Tune in now and be inspired by Elisha Hopkinson and APG & Co’s incredible journey.

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