Episode 8: Angus McKay

In this episode of the ARA’s Retail Therapy Podcast, we have the privilege of sitting down with Angus McKay, CEO and Managing Director of 7-Eleven.

Angus has an impressive career background, including leadership roles at iconic companies like Fosters and New Zealand Milk, and he has been at the helm of 7-Eleven for over seven years.

This episode explores:

  • 7-Eleven’s rise to popularity: Angus sheds light on how 7-Eleven became the most recognised convenience store brand in Australia.
  • Leadership and management: With over 700 stores under his purview, Angus discusses his leadership style and the challenges of overseeing such a large entity.
  • Advice for aspiring leaders: Angus provides valuable advice for individuals aspiring to leadership roles, offering tips on how to prepare for significant responsibilities.
  • Innovation: Angus talks about the role of innovation within 7-Eleven and shares some future aspirations for the business.
  • Sustainability initiatives: The discussion delves into 7-Eleven’s sustainability efforts, including their transition from plastic to plant-based materials for drinking cups.
  • Passion for retail and convenience: Angus reflects on his favourite aspects of the retail and convenience industry.

We extend our gratitude to Angus McKay for sharing his insights and retail experiences with us.

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