Episode 10: Dean Jones and Audrey Khaing-Jones

Climate-conscious husband and wife team Dean Jones and Audrey Khaing-Jones are co-founders of GlamCorner, an online designer fashion rental service – described as the Netflix of fashion. After 10 years of running their first sustainably focussed fashion business, they continue to dedicate their lives to reducing the environmental impact of the industry.

This year the duo also launched RELOOP, a service platform that allows customers to re-commerce their items. It’s a re-commerce marketplace where customers can buy, sell, recycle or repair their favourite premium fashion items.

From meeting in accounting class to building a B-Corp company with 130 employees, Dean and Audrey are a formidable force when it comes to making designer fashion accessible to everyone, while keeping sustainability at the forefront of every business decision.

In this episode we cover:

  • The idea that kick started GlamCorner
  • RELOOP, their new circular fashion tool
  • Unpacking the importance of re-commerce
  • The stark truth about textile landfill
  • Start-ups winning the environmental stakes
  • The changing consumer attitudes towards fashion
  • Why sustainability leadership is critical
  • Are the days of the big wardrobe over?
  • The role of business in educating the community
  • What it takes to be B-corp certified

Season 3: Trailer

Having navigated the worst of the pandemic, businesses are now tackling the next big global disruptor in climate change. In Season 3 of Retail Therapy, we hear from business leaders, academics, and climate experts – many of them global leaders in their field – about their personal journeys in fighting for a more sustainable future. And we’ll also learn more about businesses in how they’re meeting their sustainability targets.

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Episode 1: Luke Hargreaves

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Episode 2: Nicki Hutley

With climate change being the biggest business disruptor on our doorstep, we welcome Nicki Hutley, Economist and Member of the Climate Council.

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