Episode 11: Jaana Quaintance-James

Joining us for Episode 11 of Retail Therapy Season 3, is Jaana Quaintance-James, Chief Sustainability Officer at the Global Fashion Group, parent to THE ICONIC – a well-known online fashion retailer here in Australia and in New Zealand.

Jaana has been working in the sustainability and ethical fashion space for many years now, previously working at David Jones and as a consultant, assisting organisations with their sustainability objectives. She was destined for a career that fulfils on her social justice, equity and fairness values, evident even in early childhood.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What drives Jaana to work in the sustainability space
  • How consumer attitudes are shaping fashion
  • THE ICONIC Considered, a sustainable shopping edit
  • Circularity, business and consumer responsibilities
  • How the brand is reducing its carbon footprint
  • Leadership and stakeholder engagement
  • Consumer engagement increase and impact
  • Strategic priorities for fair and ethical sourcing

Season 3: Trailer

Having navigated the worst of the pandemic, businesses are now tackling the next big global disruptor in climate change. In Season 3 of Retail Therapy, we hear from business leaders, academics, and climate experts – many of them global leaders in their field – about their personal journeys in fighting for a more sustainable future. And we’ll also learn more about businesses in how they’re meeting their sustainability targets.

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Episode 1: Luke Hargreaves

First-up for Season 3 is special guest, Luke Hargreaves, Global Sustainability Business Advisor at AWS, an expert when it comes to integrating sustainability, business and technology.  

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Episode 2: Nicki Hutley

With climate change being the biggest business disruptor on our doorstep, we welcome Nicki Hutley, Economist and Member of the Climate Council.

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