Episode 7: Alex Holt

Our next guest on the Retail Therapy podcast is Alex Holt, Chief Sustainability Officer at Woolworths Group – one of Australia’s biggest companies and most recognisable brands. It was in June last year that this executive level leadership role was created, highlighting the firm commitment from the organisation to bring their sustainability objectives to the forefront.

Alex has been at the helm of the Woolworths Group sustainability portfolio since 2016 and led the development of their ground-breaking ‘2025 Sustainability Plan’ project. Before this, she was General Manager of Sustainability, Health and Quality.

We know why climate change and sustainability is important and why we need to work towards net-zero targets, the big question is, how do we get there? Inviting Alex into the podcast studio to chat about the Woolworths Group sustainability journey and the leadership role it’s taking in this space is well timed.

Tune in to hear Paul and Alex discuss:

  • The importance of sustainability leadership roles
  • The Woolworths Group’s 2025 sustainability plan
  • Putting people, planet and product front and centre
  • Evolution of the circular economy
  • Stakeholder engagement and bringing the whole team on the journey
  • Community responsibility in times of crisis
  • The secret sauce applicable to all businesses
  • Investing in a new plastic recycling start-up tech

Season 3: Trailer

Having navigated the worst of the pandemic, businesses are now tackling the next big global disruptor in climate change. In Season 3 of Retail Therapy, we hear from business leaders, academics, and climate experts – many of them global leaders in their field – about their personal journeys in fighting for a more sustainable future. And we’ll also learn more about businesses in how they’re meeting their sustainability targets.

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Episode 1: Luke Hargreaves

First-up for Season 3 is special guest, Luke Hargreaves, Global Sustainability Business Advisor at AWS, an expert when it comes to integrating sustainability, business and technology.  

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Episode 2: Nicki Hutley

With climate change being the biggest business disruptor on our doorstep, we welcome Nicki Hutley, Economist and Member of the Climate Council.

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